The following are some of the services I provide. Contact me and let’s talk about what you have in mind– whether it’s writing a blog post, a simple book review, or something more detailed, my desire is to provide exactly what you need.


  • Intricate Edit: Thorough line edit, checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. If you’ve got a finished draft, or even an individual chapter or section that you’d like polished, this is an excellent way to get it print-ready. I’ll work with you to capture your voice, message, and organization in the optimum way, while providing a finishing polish that makes your work shine among others. Rate: $20/hr
  • Craft Edit: Topical review, focusing on plot, character, theme, and other elements of story. I like to have fun with these, and point out things I like, favorite quotes, questions I had while reading, and other suggestions of this nature. Storytelling is time-consuming and difficult. Let’s work together to make the editing process fun, encouraging, and inspiring. Allow me to give you a reader’s first impressions and then let’s make that manuscript even more wonderful! Rate: $15/hr