I grew up in the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas, where at a young age I discovered my passion for writing. My first book was a series of printer pages with pictures and a few words, stapled together. From then on, I devoured books, wrote short stories, and dreamed of publishing a novel.

My faith plays an integral role in my writing and editing. As a Christian, I believe the written word is a beautiful thing, meant to reflect the glory of God and make the world a brighter, more hopeful place. Throughout my educational career in English, I’ve become well-versed in just about any type of literature: screenwriting, novels, poetry, short stories, plays, and narratives of all kinds. It’s fascinating to me how many forms and colors the written word can wear, and how varied are the stories that people create. I desire to make these stories, fiction or nonfiction, the best they can be.

My professional experience includes an internship with and current freelancing relationship with David C. Cook publishers, located in Colorado Springs, CO. I worked with Cook to write and edit blog posts, edit and proof book manuscripts, proof video curriculum for their Action Bible program, edit other products including Bible study curriculums, and help manage content assets and organize media online. I have inside knowledge of how the publishing industry functions, the elements of a well-told story, and the kind of intricate editing it takes to make a manuscript print-ready.

Starting my freelance career has been an exciting and inspiring journey so far. Working with you on your written work is an honor, and getting to know you personally with the promise of friendship for a long time is an even bigger one. Let’s partner today and bring your written masterpiece through the finish line.