Mocha with Micah: A Christmas Interview

In downtown Colorado Springs, a brand new, tiny Christmas ritual began this past December. Two young women who had interned as publishing assistants over the summer went on a yuletide adventure, sampling coffee from across the city– old school buildings to hip, tiled joints with minimalist flair. On their final outing of the year, the women decided to catalogue their Christmas-themed, book-nerd spirit by posing holiday interview questions to each other.

This is a Christmas Interview with none other than the lovely Micah of

Tell the readers a little bit about yourself.

(At this juncture, Micah began singing “Who Am I?” from Les Mis, which confirmed everything I’d known to be true about our kindred spirits.)

I’m 21 years old, and I live in Colorado Springs in a house with five girls (which is crazy, but great at the same time). I’ve worked with Alive Literary Agency for the past 1.5 years. I drink a lot of black coffee… I’m currently trying to detox my 4-6 cup-a-day habit.

What are a few of your Christmas favorites? What about your fondest Christmas memory? 

My favorite Christmas song is “O Holy Night,” because it focuses on the pure and simple meaning of Christmas. I get chills every time. My favorite Christmas-themed author is Jan Brett because of her cozy, beautiful children’s books. I love White Christmas and Home Alone, and my cookie of choice is chocolate with peppermint chips. My fondest Christmas memory is the Christmas campouts my family does every year. After drinking hot chocolate in the car as we look at lights, we come home and get flashlights, making gingerbread houses, and sleep under the tree.

If you could go anywhere for Christmas– money being no object– what’s your dream destination for a vacay in December?

I’d love to go to a cabin or farmhouse somewhere like Montana. It would be cozy, reading by the fire. A group of friends could even share bunks, and all go snowshoeing together!

That sounds magical. Speaking of magical settings, here’s a controversial one. Hallmark Channel? Or no? And why?

Hm…here’s the thing. Hallmark movies are not a craft, and they are definitely formulaic. But there’s also something so comforting about watching something predictable with a happy ending at Christmas time. I enjoy a Hallmark movie from time to time.

What about your LEAST favorite thing about Christmas?

I’d have to say…perpetuating chaos in the name of Christ. You see, we frame Christmas as a religious holiday, and we talk about peace on earth; but we have crazy schedules, stressed out people, and we’re often not taking the time to actually focus on Christ at all. If we claim Christmas is about the peace Jesus brings, we should reflect that in how we as believers celebrate the occasion.

Definitely. That’s a great point. A lot of what we identify with Christmas is seen in movies– like the Hallmark ones we just talked about. Media and art really shape our culture when it comes to the holidays. If you were to create a Christmas story– a book, movie, play, musical, etc.– what would it be, and why? How would you want to shape our Christmas culture for the better?

I’d love to create a documentary about ministries and organizations that bring hope and joy to people at Christmastime. It could be called “A Weary World Rejoices,” or “Hope for the Holidays,” and include a positive call to action for viewers, as well. We often acknowledge what’s off about our culture’s mentality: the materialism, for instance. Yet we still feed it. Bringing a real-world perspective through a documentary that offers genuine solutions and hope would change outlooks in our culture about the purpose of Christmas.

I’d watch that! For sure. And there is no shortage of such organizations. One last question for you: a double-sided one. As a kid, what did you ask Santa for that stands out in your mind as your craziest wish? And what would that item be now that you’re an adult?

Hm…When I was a kid, I wanted the dragon scale from Dragon Tales! Now, I’d ask Santa for an old-fashioned Chevy C10 truck, turquoise, with a light interior!

(Micah showed me a picture of this truck, and it indeed looks incredible.)

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and desires with me, and for doing this mutual Christmas interview! You’re the sweetest friend, and I can’t wait to collaborate on more creative projects!

Once again, if you’d like to check out Micah’s blog and adventures, go to Happy New Year!

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